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intenskin Anti-Aging Cream - New Generation Anti-Wrinkle

The new generation intenskin cream has a complex effect on the skin. Natural ingredients restore skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles and protect against dryness. Anti-Wrinkle Bio-Cream's smart formula helps identify skin blemishes and correct individual blemishes.

intenskin Innovative Organic Anti-Wrinkle Cream

How to deal with age-related changes?

According to statistics, more than a third of women over 30 notice a decrease in skin elasticity. And the first mimic wrinkles can appear from the age of 25. After 40 years, age-related changes in women become more pronounced, wrinkles deepen, the contour of the face deforms, and fleas appear.

This is due to the deterioration of the production of collagen - a special protein responsible for the density and elasticity of connective tissue in the body.

Lifestyle also affects the condition of the epidermis. Studies of twins with different living conditions have shown that aging is only 20% related to genetics. Nutrition and excess solar radiation affect the skin much more. About 80% of wrinkles appear because of sunbathing. Swimmers run the risk of looking several years older than their biological age at 40.

Using intenskin Revolutionary Anti-Wrinkle Bio-Cream will help prevent age-related skin changes. Biologically active components penetrate the collagen fibers, strengthen them, the skin is smoothed. In addition, the bioproduct fights age-related pigmentation, evens skin color, hydrates it and restores a healthy glow. Increases resistance to free radicals - one of the main causes of aging.

intenskin European Quality Cream Certificates

European quality certificates

intenskin cream has all the quality certificates of the European Union. Experts have been developing an innovative intellectual formula for three years. It deliberately fights skin blemishes and is absolutely safe, unlike cosmetics with chemical impurities.

Large-scale clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of intenskin, 89% of women noted a reduction in the number of wrinkles, an increase in skin tone. In 76% of women, rashes decreased, skin tone became even and even.

Advantages of intenskin over other cosmetics

Completely natural composition. The bioproduct does not cause allergies. Does not contain genetically modified organisms, preservatives and chemical compounds.

Visible effect in a short time. Two weeks of use is enough for a noticeable effect.

The innovative formula not only smoothes wrinkles, but also has other benefits:

  1. Penetrates deep into the epidermis, renewing even the deeper layers of the skin.
  2. Protects the skin from sun damage.
  3. Hydrates and nourishes the dermis, saturating it with all the necessary trace elements.
  4. Does not cause irritation or flaking, suitable for even the most delicate skin.
  5. Models the face, eliminates deep wrinkles.
  6. Fights skin inflammation, prevents acne and pimples.
  7. Lightens age spots, restores an even skin tone and healthy glow.

How intenskin works

intenskin Action Cream

The epidermis is made up of collagen molecules and the spaces between them are filled with hyaluronic acid. At a young age, the skin is dense and elastic, folds and wrinkles do not form on it. But with age, our skin begins to fade, becomes dry and thin, like parchment. intenskin saturates the cells with collagen and improves its production, while the hyaluronic acid contained in the cream moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis.

Composition of Organic Anti-Wrinkle Cream intenskin

The unique complex of natural ingredients combined in the intenskin cream will quickly eliminate the signs of aging and relieve the signs of fatigue. Penetrating deep into the cell structure, the bio-product will remove wrinkles, tighten the oval of the face and unify the color of the skin.

Use the intenskin Organic Anti-Wrinkle Cream to maintain a flowery appearance and attract the admiring glances of men. While your peers grow old, wrinkle, and their husbands leave their families for young girls, you can keep your beauty.

How can I buy intenskin cream in Hungary

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Doctor's review

Doctor beautician Anna Anna
23 years
The tool is truly unique, having no analogues in Hungary. A similar effect can only be achieved with plastic surgery, but intenskin cream is a much safer and more affordable alternative. It stimulates the production of collagen, compensates for the lack of hyaluronic acid, thanks to this, mimic and gravitational wrinkles are smoothed. The cream also tightens pores and eliminates oily highlights. One cure is enough to visibly rejuvenate the skin and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.